Planted: Stories from Manitoba's Natural World

In March 2017, I released a book featuring stories of eight people who are inspired by Manitoba's nature. More than 120 people attended the launch, and it was number one on McNally Robinson bestsellers list. In the book, I share stories of survival, self-discovery, and tradition, with a focus on plant and fungi species native to Manitoba. This book was a way to combine my interests in science and writing.


Terminally ill artist to perform ‘groundbreaking’ piece about death in Winnipeg

This story with original photos first appeared on my journalism class’s news blog, On The Line Winnipeg. Winnipeg Metro published my story and photos. News outlets in the city, including the Winnipeg Free Press, CBC and CTV picked up on the story, as did the Toronto Star.


Water and waste: Getting creative to conserve every last drop amid push for national policy

I wrote this story and took photos for a solutions journalism feature assignment for school. The Winnipeg Free Press published my story and photos in a full-page spread and included it as a headline on the front page. See the PDF with the story and photos here.


My Year In Ukraine

In August 2017, I moved to Ukraine to study dance. I'll be here until next summer, and though my focus is learning about Ukrainian dance, culture, and history, I'm also writing about my impressions of the Ukrainian lifestyle on my blog.