Tapping Manitoba maple trees

My family is a family of procrastinators, or at least one-third of the family is — my brother and I. He was already a few years into university when I started, and he taught me cramming for exams the night before was OK because sometimes there are other more important things to be doing earlier in the week, like perfecting your pool skills or boiling maple sap to make syrup.

He'd tap some trees at my parents' place, and then sit for hours and hours, boiling down the sap outside, sitting next to it in a lawn chair reviewing his biology notes now and then. 

My dad took over syrup duties a couple years ago and made another batch this year.

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Planted launch

It was a gathering of nature lovers, gardeners, Ukrainians, scientists, students, family, and friends people who I knew, and some who I didn't.

On March 2, I launched Planted: Stories From Manitoba's Natural World at McNally Robinson Booksellers. I can't thank you all enough for supporting me during the writing process, purchasing my book, and coming to the launch.

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